"Open your mind to the world ahead. Never hold back, for if you do, you may never know the opportunities of the future. Give it your all and never be afraid of adversity and somehow, someway... Everything will fall in place. Trust in yourself. Believe in the impossible. And explore the world. God Speed."


-Ari Tree


Reflections of Humanity: An Open Conversation

By AriTree  /  February 1, 2017
Reflections of Humanity: An Open Conversation By: Luke Ingalls Liska The greatest fault of humanity is in its inability to...
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Accelerated Queue-Positioned Educational System (Aq-PEs) By: Luke Ingalls Liska Abstract The purpose of this study is to evaluate an alternative...
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Air pollution is becoming a major concern in our world. Each year, billions upon billions of tons of carbon dioxide (CO2)...
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Welcome to the Ari Tree

By AriTree  /  April 26, 2016
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The Tiger

A symbolic representation of the determination it takes to change the world. The Tiger shows understanding, knowledge, kindness, yet he never gives up on his dreams. With eyes fixed upon a goal, the tiger advances forward with full confidence ready to adapt to the world's challenges.


The Wolves: A story of how a few individuals can have rippling affects across an entire landscape.